Showcase Your Brewery

Posted on: 29 December 2022


A spotlight company reviews breweries and provides the public with compelling news stories and footage that may prompt locals and tourists to visit a specific brewery. If your brewery has recently expanded its product line, you may want to utilize a spotlight company so that your business garners more attention.

Services That Are Conducted

A spotlight company may feature editorials that are printed online or in local newspapers. A representative of a spotlight company can be hired to tour your facility and conduct an interview with you and your employees. During a visit to your facility, a spotlight representative will see firsthand how brewing processes are conducted. They can be provided with the opportunity to interview each person who is a key player in manufacturing and packaging your product line. 

The publication that a spotlight representative prepares will reach your target audience and can potentially encourage readers to do business with you. It may also prompt a reader to request to tour your facility themselves. A spotlight company may also provide video services. For instance, you may be able to request that a spotlight representative captures footage of your facility that will appeal to your local audience. This footage may be broadcast on a local news station or via an online video platform.

Your Role And Your Employees' Participation

Once you consult with a spotlight service provider, set up a time to have them come out to your business. Before this appointment, be aware of the services that will be conducted and the parts of your facility that will be toured. You and your employees will need to prepare for the meeting with the representative. Take the time to clean your facility in a thorough manner. Prepare printouts that you can share with the representative.

The printouts can provide information about your product line or the brewing practices that are utilized. Think about how your business compares to other breweries in the region. Focus on the unique aspects of your business. For instance, if your brewery has been passed down from generation to generation, you may want to share this history with the representative.

Plan how you can showcase your brewed product line. If you manufacture a particular type of beer that pairs well with certain foods, prepare some samples of the beer product. Order some food products that can be presented with bottled or canned beverages. Allow the representative to capture pictures or footage of the display and sample your beverage line and the food pairings.

For more information about craft brewery spotlight services, contact a local company.