4 Things You Might Not Know About Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

Posted on: 28 September 2021


Coffee can be a bracing beverage on a cold day and a mood elevator in the morning. The value of coffee is in its flavor and aroma as much as its effects. Learning more about the coffee you drink can enhance your enjoyment of it. Here are some things you may not already know about Colombian whole bean coffee.

1. Colombian coffee is an Arabica varietal

Coffee is a staple beverage in many households. Like many other staples, coffee comes from plants, which consist of two main varietals, Arabica and Robusta coffee plants. Arabica coffee is considered the more flavorful, desirable varietal between Arabica and Robusta. Colombian coffee lovers will be pleased to learn that their favorite coffee is a type of Arabica. Like all Arabica coffee, Colombian coffee has a lower caffeine content than its Robusta counterparts. This is great news for people who are especially sensitive to caffeine. You can enjoy your daily cup of Colombian coffee without becoming too jittery or anxious.

2. Colombian coffee is vacuum-sealed

Coffee tastes best when it's fresh, and whole coffee beans are ingeniously packaged in order to preserve their freshness. When you purchase Colombian whole coffee beans from most companies, your coffee will be vacuum-sealed to prevent oxygen degradation. Your bag of coffee will also feature a vent that will allow carbon dioxide to leave the bag without letting oxygen in.

3. Colombian coffee is picked by hand

Colombian coffee beans start their lives as coffee cherries, which grow on coffee plants. Each coffee cherry is hand-picked when it is perfectly ripe, a process that requires a human touch. When you purchase Colombian coffee, you can rest assured that each coffee bean was inspected by a person who knows their coffee. This expertise and attention to detail ensures that customers like you end up with high-quality coffee that will taste great no matter how it's brewed.

4. Colombian coffee can be roasted to taste

All coffee beans must be roasted before they're ready for consumption. Green coffee beans are placed into roasting chambers that are heated and sifted during the roasting process, which ensures that each bean receives an even roast. The roasting process can be stopped sooner or later, depending on the desired outcome: light, medium, or dark roasts. Colombian coffee beans are versatile, so they can taste great at any roasting level. The type of roast you choose for your kitchen is entirely up to your personal preference.