• Include Coffee And Snacks With A Weekly Fellowship Meeting

    Requesting that people speak about their opinions or personal experiences may seem intimidating or too formal to some of the church members who are part of your women's group. Make each group session more relaxed and welcoming, by including coffee and snacks with the fellowship. The Beverages And Pastries May Influence The Mood Investing in a pod coffee maker and a variety of coffee pods will provide you with the opportunity to match blends with complimentary pastries or donuts.
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  • 2 Reasons Your Commercial Refrigerator Smells Bad

    When you think about the smell of a restaurant kitchen, pleasant aromas are the only thing that should come to mind. You should not expect to be greeted with foul odors. However, in some restaurants, as soon as the door to their commercial refrigeration system is opened, bad smells are the exact thing they are greeted with. It's important to remember that this scenario is not normal and that it's often the result of an underlying issue.
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