Include Coffee And Snacks With A Weekly Fellowship Meeting

Posted on: 29 September 2020


Requesting that people speak about their opinions or personal experiences may seem intimidating or too formal to some of the church members who are part of your women's group. Make each group session more relaxed and welcoming, by including coffee and snacks with the fellowship.

The Beverages And Pastries May Influence The Mood

Investing in a pod coffee maker and a variety of coffee pods will provide you with the opportunity to match blends with complimentary pastries or donuts. Coffee pods are less messy than standard coffee products since the grounds and filters are concealed inside of a single-serve plastic container. Holiday blends, herbal varieties, or robust varieties will be suitable for summer or winter meetings.

Plan how you will pay for or acquire the items needed. Maybe, you can request that some of the members of the church donate supplies. A rotating schedule, which includes requesting that volunteers bring in a box or two of coffee pods or purchase or bake some tasty treats will add to the diversity of each beverage and snack session since you and the other members won't be aware of the pod or snack varieties that will be supplied. Use a table that is within the meeting room, to set up the spread of items that will be served.

At the beginning of each session, put a pod into the coffee maker's chamber and add water to the machine's reservoir. Once the pot has filled, begin filling paper cups with the brew. As members walk into the room, welcome them to grab a cup of coffee and add sugar and milk to it, plus invite them to take some of the pastries, donuts, or other treats that have been supplied.

A Question Box Will Aid In Group Discussions

A question box will aid in loosening up the mood and getting people thinking. While everyone is enjoying the coffee and pastries, hand out slips of paper and pens and point out a box, which has been designated for group sessions. Tell your members that you are encouraging everyone to write down some questions, which can each be pulled from the box and that will prompt some input from others.

Social issues, current events, or church-related items can be included in each question. Limit the amount of time that is dedicated to discussing each topic. At the end of the meeting, clean out the coffee maker and dispose of empty coffee pods and pack up extra pastries. Ask for volunteers, who are willing to bring in coffee and snacks the following week.