FAQs About Buying And Using Olive Wood Bowls

Posted on: 4 June 2021


If you visit a craft store or even a nice home goods store, you are bound to come across some olive wood bowls for sale. They've become quite common in recent years, and for good reason! At first, buying wooden bowls may seem a bit odd since you're likely used to ceramic and glass ones. After reading through these FAQs and answers, though, you should know enough to be confident in your purchase.

#1: Why are they called olive wood bowls?

The name comes from the fact that they're made from the wood of olive trees. (They're not made to hold olives or be rubbed down with olive oil, as some people assume.) Olive wood is hard and dense with a very distinct grain. It's commonly used for decor and smaller items like bowls.

#2: Do the bowls absorb stains and odors?

Olive wood is so dense that this really does not tend to be an issue as long as you maintain the bowls well. Most of the bowls are sealed with a coating that prevents most moisture intrusion. In order to maintain this coating, you must only wash the bowls with a gentle cleanser, like dish soap, and you must never scrub. It is also helpful to apply a very light coating of mineral oil or butcher block oil to the bowls after you wash them. This further helps prevent liquids from penetrating the wood, especially once the bowls are older and the finish may have developed tiny cracks.

#3: Why are olive wood bowls so expensive?

If you are used to buying mass-produced glass and ceramic bowls, the price of olive wood bowls may be shocking in comparison. But this higher price is reasonable when you learn the bowls are typically hand-made. That takes a lot of time and skill! Olive wood also tends to be pricey, since olive trees take many years to reach maturity.

#4: Is there anything you can't put in an olive wood bowl?

Generally, you want to avoid putting any really dark, staining liquids in these bowls. So, you would not want to serve red wine or a dark, brown beef soup in them. However, they're perfect for salads, pasta dishes, and other not-so-wet eats, and a little liquid now and then won't hurt them.

Olive wood bowls can make a beautiful addition to your collection! Now that you know the answers to these questions, you can buy with confidence. Contact a company like Ruccello Olive Oil to learn more.