The Best Wines To Serve With Dessert

Posted on: 30 May 2017


When you want to finish a meal with something sweet, pull out the perfect bottle of wine to complement your dessert. Try a dessert wine that pairs well with your dish, and that will enhance and elevate the flavors of whatever you are serving. Talk with wine merchants or sommeliers for specific recommendations on brand and vintage.

Some perfect pairings with your last-course or dessert are:

Port. A glass of sweet port is the perfect way to finish a meal, and this rich, red wine from Portugal is best served cool, but not cold. There tends to be a lot of sediment in some varieties of port so plan on decanting the wine before serving with dessert. Port is often served as an accompaniment to cheese and dried fruits.

Prosecco. Sparkling Italian Prosecco is a splendid dessert wine, and its inherent sweetness is well-balanced with acidity. It can be served with creamy, buttery dishes, such as custards, baked goods, and candy.

Moscato. Moscato is sweet enough that you it may be best served with cheese plates, savory custards, or fruit. It is typically red, though there are some pink varieties that seem a bit more acidic. Serve both cold, and these are full-bodied enough to serve as a tasty spritzer with a splash of club soda.

Rose. A crisp rose wine is the perfect way to cleanse a palate when eating rich desserts. The dry wine pairs well with sweets like pastries, crème Brule, or warm puddings. Serve rose cold, and some sommeliers won't frown on adding a few ice cubes on a hot day.

Sauternes. Sauternes is a popular French dessert wine, and it is light-colored though it becomes copper-colored when aged and at its peak. Sauternes is sweet, and is best served slightly chilled although older vintages can be served a little bit warmer. The fruity acidity of this wine makes it the perfect pairing with fatty desserts and courses, such as cheese plates, cheesecake, and eggy-soufflé.

Burgundy. Burgundy may seem like an odd choice for your dessert course, but mulled with spices and citrus, it becomes the perfect finish to a meal. Sweet and robust, the burgundy wine holds-up well to the strong, pungent aromatics and it creates a warm, holiday-inspired drink that can be enjoyed year-round.

Impress your friends or treat your family to a final course paired with a special dessert wine. Talk with merchants about the best brands and vintages for your specific menu, as well as to find delicious dessert wines that fit your budget.

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