Reasons You Need Your Wedding Catered If You Think You Can Handle It Yourself

Posted on: 10 January 2017


Planning a wedding is a joyous thing: you get to pick out a lovely menu of appetizers and meals for your guests, create a guest and song list, and choose the perfect venue for your big day. A lot of people love planning and executing their weddings on their own with huge success, while others cave to stress, anxiety, and the sheer overwhelming amount of aspects that can accompany this type of event. If you are on the fence about whether you need your wedding catered or not, use this guide to help you decide if you can handle the job on your own or if you need professional assistance.

Size of your wedding

If you have a smaller wedding in mind or something more like a family reunion than a wedding ceremony, you can likely handle the event on your own. You can order food from a local restaurant to be brought in and have someone serve guests easily. A large guest list can mean lots of food that needs to be served and kept warm, however, and you may find yourself struggling to find enough tools, help, and space to keep everyone happy once the reception starts. It's best for larger weddings to hire a caterer who can bring their own equipment and menu to the event for easy serving.

Menu offering ideas

You may want to serve decadent foods at your ceremony, such as tiny hors d'oeuvres of water chestnuts or or crab cakes, but you may have someone attending your wedding who has allergies or gluten sensitivities. If you have a delicate menu in mind or exotic foods you want to serve, wedding catering is your wisest option. You can achieve professionally prepared and served meals and appetizers that will impress your guests and taste simply divine. Many caterers also offer options that are gluten free.

As a bonus, your guests can have the opportunity to try foods they have never eaten before. Your wedding caterer will make sure you have access to the types of foods you like, and if you are having a themed wedding, they can also make suggestions for meals that revolve around your choice of menu, decor, or location.

You wouldn't think that the foods you serve at your wedding could be such a huge deal, but you don't want to find out how important they are at the last minute. A caterer can make your wedding a massive success and make your day even more special and unique than it already is.

Talk with a catering company in your area, such as Grand Street, for more information.