6 Tips For Creating A Keurig Coffee Bar

Posted on: 6 June 2016


As the proud new owner of a Keurig coffee maker, why just leave it on a random part of the kitchen counter when you can instead create an entire at-home coffee bar? Using the convenience of your Keurig as inspiration, you can design a coffee bar that is functional and enhances the style of your home. Here are six tips for creating your own Keurig coffee bar:

Choose Your Furniture

Depending on how much space you have, you may want to set up your coffee bar on an existing counter in your kitchen, but a more versatile idea is to dedicate an entire piece of furniture for your coffee bar. This can be a repurposed desk or dresser you aren't using (the drawers can hold k-cups and napkins), or something you purchase or design specifically for your new coffee bar. If you or your significant other have carpentry skills, you can even build your own coffee bar using butcher block and a reclaimed wood cabinet.

Buy Cute and Functional Accessories

To maximize your coffee bar space and keep things from getting cluttered, seek out storage accessories that match your decorative style. Keurig makes attractive storage carousels and drawers to keep your k-cups organized neatly and attractively. Drawer organizers or decorative mason jars or baskets can keep napkins, stir sticks, and other accessories tidy.

Don't Forget the Non-Coffee Drinkers

Part of the fun of having your own at-home coffee bar is that friends and family can also enjoy it. Not everyone drinks coffee, so when buying k-cups be sure to also stock up on hot chocolate, apple cider, and herbal tea varieties, which will appeal to kids and adult non-coffee drinkers alike. Some people like the taste of coffee but not the caffeine, so having a few decaf coffee options on hand is a thoughtful touch.

Be sure to let your family and any visitors know about your coffee bar, and show them how to use the Keurig if they've never tried one before. Luckily, Keurigs are so easy to use that, once you show them how to do so, even older children will be able to make themselves a hot beverage.

Don't Overlook Practical Details

Being thoughtful about practical details will help ensure you get the most use out of your Keurig coffee bar. When deciding where to place your coffee bar, for example, you should choose a location near a sink so that you can easily fill the Keurig with water and rinse out cups. Don't forget to keep a small trash can near your coffee station as well so people can throw out their k-cups after they brew a cup of coffee.

If your coffee station has a cabinet underneath, you can stash the trash can there. If you have enough space, you may also want to incorporate a mini fridge into your coffee station so you can keep cold creamer right on hand.

Add Hanging Mugs

To maximize your space and add a cute touch, hang decorative hooks on the wall above the station and hang mugs there. This takes up less space and gives you a chance to show off those cool coffee mugs you've picked out.

Add a Chalkboard Sign

If you really want to give your Keurig coffee bar the feel of an adorable coffee shop, consider adding a chalkboard sign. You can write the varieties of k-cups you have available, or even leave sweet notes for your family. If you have the space, you could even use chalkboard paint to create an entire menu wall next to your coffee station.

By following these tips, you will soon feel like you have a convenient and trendy cafe right in your own home.

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